Monday, April 11, 2022

Burn Baby Burn

Be a Do-Bee, not a Don't-Bee
Did you know that there is a carcinogenic pollutant that may be in the air you are breathing right now? The County, to its credit, is taking steps to mitigate the spread of this airborne toxin. At the same time, some elected officials continue to oppose these safety measures.

Is your LakeCountyEye is referring to ethylene oxide gas emissions?  No.  The carcinogen is smoke from burning leaves.

Indiscriminate leaf burning has been proscribed in unincorporated Lake County:
The measure, described as a step toward protecting public health, replaced a temporary ban enacted more than two years ago due to potential respiratory impacts from the coronavirus. Woody materials can be burned in small fires all year and in larger ones from Nov. 1 to March 31 under the new rules. But leaf burning will be prohibited.
Leaf disposal, cost an issue for some as burning ban nears in Lake County
County Board members Linda Pedersen and J Kevin Hunter, for instance, remain critical of efforts to reduce the amount of smoke particles in Lake County air.

What up with that? One Republican Party spokesman said: "Nothing to see here. Cough. Cough Cough."


Anonymous said...

Leaves blow around. As all Lake County residents will be the beneficiary of the cleaner air, all County residents should pay for the ban and the leaf disposal. Build the costs into everyone’s taxes.

Anonymous said...

Will the Lake County Forest Preserve cease from its own burns in forest preserves?

Will neighboring counties like McHenry County or Kenosha County also ban leaf burning?

What prevents those carcinogens from burns in other counties or states from blowing into no-leaf-burn Lake County?

If leaf burning produces so many harmful carcinogens, why hasn’t the State of Illinois banned leaf burning? Why not other states? Why not the EPA?

Has the braintrust of Lake County put any actual thought into what it’s doing or is it adopting feel-good ordinances to appease other stupid people?

Nancy Reagan said...

Burning leaves is a gateway to burning grass. And we all know that is a gateway to more dangerous drugs.

Anonymous said...

As for residential burns:

How about everybody rake their own leaves into piles, which they can then use the following years for mulch?
Good for the soil, good for creating soil where flooding is a problem
Good for bees, butterflies, etc
Good for the fatties who prefer to rely on illegals who use pollution causing trucks to get to the job, and pollution causing leaf blowers to take away the leaves (all while casing your neighborhood)

Anonymous said...

Ha! “Mulch piles”. As if piles of leaves don’t blow around until someone finally burns them or has them removed. Just keep endlessly raking them. Ridiculous comment from someone living in la la land.