Sunday, April 3, 2022

Buffalo Clips

Do you desire a home where the buffalo roam? Well, look no farther than Hawthorn Woods:
It looks like a famous bison on the run is making a new appearance in Lake County, Illinois. A woman took video of the large trespasser in the northern suburb of Hawthorn Woods Friday.
Runaway buffalo 'Tyson the Bison' makes new appearance, caught on video in Hawthorn Woods
A spokesman welcomed the Village's newest celebrity ungulate: "Please enjoy Hawthorn Woods's 18 park sites that provide a variety of amenities including walking trails. In deference to Mr Bison's stay, shoes are mandated."

The Village of Buffalo Grove sent a cease and desist letter. "Any partnership between the Village of Hawthorn Woods and Mr Bison will be viewed as an infringement upon the Village of Buffalo Grove's trademark claims upon the word Buffalo."

Uncowed, a Village of Hawthorn Woods spokesman said: "And don't forget to visit the Village's Aquatic Park. Be sure to sample the Buffalo Water Wings at the concession stand."

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