Friday, January 28, 2022

The Truth in Lending

Mark Curran wants to be your next Illinois Supreme Court Justice. And he needs your donations.

HaHa, J/K. Lake County favorite son Mark Curran didn't even raise $2,000 last quarter:
Curran was eclipsed by both of his opponents, John Noverini and Daniel Shanes, by a factor of fifty to one.

Everyone knows who Daniel Shanes is, but who is John Noverini?

Noverini is a candidate who lent himself $89,000 from out of his PAC on Oct 4, near the beginning of the reporting period:

He then loaned $95,000 back to the PAC on Dec 31, the last day of the reporting period:

This means for the entire Oct 1 to Dec 21 reporting period, the money was deposited in John Noverini's PAC for a total of 5 days. For the remainder of that time, the money was in Noverini's pocket. And despite everything, Noverini could still claim a fifty-to-one fundraising advantage over Mark Curran.

Note to Ops: It takes brains to be a Supreme Court Justice.

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