Monday, January 24, 2022

Less-Than Signs

Your LakeCountyEye has spotted an important new trend. Two years ago there was a primary election, and 2022 will have a primary election as well.

And if that don't beat all, Lake County favorite son Mark Curran will be on your primary ballot again. Curran wants to be your next Illinois Supreme Court Justice.

Curran's opponents have outraised him in the last quarter by a factor of fifty-to-one:

But perennial candidates like Mark Curran have something better than money: ballot name recognition.  His 2020 yardsigns have been seen by motorists up and down the state:
Also, there is an election life-hack that is exclusively available to perennnial candidates. Candidates shouldn't throw away old campaign material. These can be repurposed instead:
No one else will be any wiser, while you save 98 cents on the dollar!

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