Friday, August 20, 2021

Down and Out in Old Mill Creek

Given that the hock is part of a horse's anatomy, then the Village of Old Mill Creek is in hock.

And in more ways than one. According to the Illinois Comptroller, Old Mill Creek is delinquent:
Illinois State Comptroller - Local Government Division - Delinquent Units
Did you know that lots of democratically elected governments have gone bankrupt through no fault of their own? Ukraine, Belarus, Detroit are a few notable examples.

Note to Ops: There is no shame in being down on your luck. If your hometown is in a hole, why not open a GoFundMe account? Lake County municipalities are generous to a fault. If each one chips in a few bucks, expect to be back in the black in no time!


Dr. Horseman said...

Wow! The public meeting agenda for Aug 9 shows mayor asking permission to pay village auditor with personal funds. Might there be something going on under the table? See village website at
How can this so called village be collecting taxes?

Anonymous said...

As someone who listened to that meeting by remote, there was no invoice from any village auditor listed in the bills to be paid. Who is the village auditor? The finance report stated there is money available in the bank. How does a taxpayer get to see the financial report card for this govt.?

Barney Baxter said...

hi Dr Horseman,

This website is mostly broken links...

Where is Aug 9 meeting agenda?


Dr. Horseman said...

It is listed under “meetings” - August 9