Saturday, August 8, 2020

Railroaded Apartments

hot rail Have you at long last lost patience waiting for that CN Rail train in your way? Well, get in line. The entire City of Waukegan is waiting. The Canadian National Railway, which sits in the way of thousands of drivers every day, is also in the way of new housing for Waukegan:
Residential development — with a mix of apartments, town homes and single-family houses — along Waukegan's south lakefront remains a vision for the city based on its 2003 master plan, with several obstacles remaining. Those obstacles include an economic slowdown, the coronavirus pandemic and a railroad which owns a 3.6-mile right of way
Railroad right of way remains obstacle to Waukegan’s dream of lakefront development
One trade spokesman said: "Excuse me if I don't share in all of the indignation. You know as well as I that Canadian National moves cars of flammable crude oil through Lake County every day. It's only a matter of time before these tracks are a burning heap of melted steel."

Click clack.

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