Saturday, August 1, 2020

COVID Jeanne

Today's challenge will test your knowledge of history:
Q: This notorious woman carried a potentially fatal illness and resisted efforts at quarantine. She eventually transmitted the disease to at least 53 people. What is her name?
If you answered State Representative Jeanne Ives you would be incorrect. The correct answer is: Typhoid Mary

The differences are clear-cut. Typhoid Mary never visited Lake Zurich. Jeanne Ives, on the other hand, has -- where she held a fundraiser this week. Social distancing norms and safeguards were not respected:

This is the same Lake Zurich that saw a recent surge in COVID-19:
73 COVID-19 cases traced to a few Fourth of July parties in Lake Zurich
Ives maintains her affair was totally appropriate. No Confederate statues were tore down:
Totally none.

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