Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Head for the Hills

There is an old saying in show business politics: The Show Must Go On

So it should come as no surprise that in the Village of Barrington Hills, they take their politics show business very seriously:

Barrington Hills Board of Trustees :: Jul 21, 2020
One Barrington Hills resident (and urgent care physician) asked the Village to cancel their fall festival this year, out of concerns for public safety.

Nevertheless, Barrington Hills Mayor Martin McLaughlin declined to scrub the event -- which he called their "festivus":

Barrington Hills Board of Trustees :: Jul 21, 2020
If the Barrington Hills fest plays as advertised, it could go down as a super-spreader event. For those interested, the gathering is called ... wait for it ...
The Hills Are Alive
Note to Ops: Bring your own disinfectant.


Cal Skinner said...

Time for a Terry Link post, don't you think?

Eddie said...

I hope Lake County Eye posts Terry Link's side or rebuttal.