Saturday, March 14, 2020

Corona Vote

Did the Trump administration allow the Coronavirus to become a pandemic as part of their strategic effort to suppress voter turnout? If so, the plan backfired. The Coronavirus is suppressing the vote of those over 50, in poor health, maybe addicted to tobacco and other substances, with little education, and no health insurance.

HaHa, Operatives are asked to observe the 100 foot rule when they go to the polls. Make sure you stay at least 100 feet away from anyone with a temperature above 100 degrees. It's the law!

If there is a long line at your poll, please do not be deterred. Many of these people will be panic shoppers. Who think they got in a grocery line for a $20 gallon jug of Purell.

Hoarders Alert: Everyone who goes to the polls this year will get a free roll of toilet paper ...
The Primary Election is March 17, next Tuesday. Vote early and vote absentee.

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