Thursday, December 5, 2019

Old Mill Creek Down the Drain?

An actual unretouched screencap from the Village of Old Mill Creek official website:

The Old Mill Creek homepage contains a wealth of information about how drains clog and what you can do about it:
Reasons for Floor Drain Backups
A floor drain that is backing up can be confusing. It can be simple to think that there are issues with the floor drain itself whenever they occur. However, almost every time, that isn't the case. The truth is that typically, backups inside a basement floor drain are a sign of another issue in your plumbing system.
Village of Old Mill Creek
The Old Mill Creek homepage even recommends a plumber -- if you happen to be in Hamilton Ontario:

Village of Old Mill Creek
Note to Ops: Better check the books at the Old Mill Creek Village Hall. It looks as if someone monetized the Old Mill Creek website by selling ad-space to some roto-rooter outfit up in Canada.

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