Saturday, December 7, 2019

Is Old Mill Creek Under Water?

If winter is here already, can spring floods be far behind?
With more annual rainfall predicted in Lake County's future and more flood events coming with it, the Lake County Board has budgeted more for stormwater projects that include improving water quality and buying flood-prone properties.
'The rain isn’t going away’: Lake County steps up funding to address flooding and water quality issues
The Village of Old Mill Creek no doubt must be getting a chunk of that money. What else would explain the brand new Old Mill Creek official village website?

Village of Old Mill Creek
If you plan to visit Old Mill Creek you better bring along your galoshes, if not hip-waders. The Old Mill Creek official village website has a link to emergency services -- a roto-rooter guy in Hamilton Ontario:

Village of Old Mill Creek
Note to Ops: The Lake County groundwater situation must be getting serious if you need to call Canada to get a plumber.

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