Monday, June 24, 2019

The Lie of the Land

Do you fancy your finger on the pulse of the Lake County voter? Test your knowledge with this week's pop quiz:
Q: Which Lake County precinct ranks #15 for the most Republican voters?
If you answered ...
Algonquin 16
then you get your news from the Lake County Gazette:

Voter rolls: Which precincts are Republican strongholds in Lake County?
Sharpeyed Operatives will observe that Lake County has neither a Precinct #16 in Algonquin Township, nor for that matter an Algonquin Township.

Has Lake County's #1 source of fakenews, the Lake County Gazette, broken news of a massive voter fraud conspiracy within the Lake County Republican Party?

While by no means outside the bounds of possibility, your LakeCountyEye nonetheless suspects a more sinister plot. The Lake County Gazette, whose stories are 100% sourced by Russian troll farms, is quite obviously waging a sustained disinformation campaign.

If not, then when did Lake County annex Northfield Township?

Precinct voter rolls: Where do Democrats depend on women most in Lake County?
Note to Ops: If you think there are too many township governments in Lake County, it only seems that way.

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