Friday, June 21, 2019

Green Around the Gills

You kids get off my lawn!
St Patrick's Day be damned, Lake County rivers will be running green in the month of June:
About 200 gallons of liquid fertilizer that leaked into a storm sewer in Volo on Saturday did not pose a threat to the community, authorities said. Lake County Sheriff's deputies dispatched about 10:10 a.m. to the intersection of North Cornerstone Drive and Remington Drive found a TruGreen truck had leaked liquid fertilizer into a storm drain
No threat posed from fertilizer spill in Volo, authorities say
The full impact that the leak will have on Lake County streams, lakes and ground water remains to be determined. However one official sounding official advised homeowners against treating their lawns this summer. "There should be plenty of fertilizer in your sprinkler water", he told your LakeCountyEye.

Note to Ops: Toxic waste disposal is expensive. But who's going to know if that green slime accidentally disappears down a storm drain? You'll be rolling in the green!

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