Sunday, May 5, 2019

Private Lake Bylaws Act

In 2007 a Bill was introduced in Springfield that would place restrictions on Wooster Lake.

Bill Status of HB4875 94th General Assembly
HB4875 did not become law, but it is a reminder of how a democratic society works: If there is no law against how others are treating me, then get the laws changed.

I won't be able to ask Robert Churchill to sponsor legislation in Springfield, but I don't need to. I can go local and talk to my mayor or my village trustee. Or talk to my county board rep, where unincorporated.

My representatives are eager to help me. That means that they can count on my vote in the next election as well as my support.

Give it a try. If you don't like how your neighbors behave, don't get mad, get even.


Anonymous said...

Wooster Lake = Fake No-Wake Lake.

Look closer. This bill was introduced January 2006, not 2007. Officers of Tanneron Bay Condominium Townhomes Association at that time needed state law changed from 100% to 65% because their Sep 6, 2005-adopted no wake ordinance was NEVER lawful, Just weeks prior to this bill’s introduction, several private attorneys were highlighting the illegality of the extraterritorial zoning ordinance they had V. of Round Lake covertly adopt behind the backs of the lake’s legal owners. The lying scum knew their newly adopted no wake ordinance was always unlawful. That ordinance was in place from 2005 to 2011, never enforced, also indicating knowledge of it being unlawful. How many more buyers of properties bought into this boondoggle?

This scam was brought to you by Fraud, Inc. with Penny Cummings as its CEO, Peter Dziadus as its COO, Norm Brunner as its Propaganda Minister, Mike Adam and Mark Pfister of Lake County masquerading as Attorneys pumping out false legal opinions about territorial jurisdiction, and the snake oil salesman Bonnie Thomson Carter selling their no wake scam to anyone who will listen.....and the dumb@ss officials at Round Lake lured into the scam and who didn’t follow the advice of their village attorney to reject the Tanneron Bay con.

The lies from past and current officers at Tanneron Bay run deeper than Wooster Lake. Pathological liars.

Such a waste of resources too since Wooster Lake in 2019 is still a “Wake Lake” all day, every day, all year.......per the Lake County Sheriff Department.

Fit Lake County Officials With Orange Jumpsuits said...

Mike Adam and Mark Pfister are co conspirators. From:
1. forcing by ordinance the WLCCA covenants and restrictions (unsigned by lake owners) into Holiday Park development’s declaration filed at the Recorder’s Office in #5094179
2. Playing attorneys and falsely telling municipalities can zone restrictions 3 miles beyond corporate borders, then getting illegal ordinances, without consent from the lake’s owners
3. Covertly peddling for this change in state law to disenfranchise 35% of Wooster’s owners, again without notification to the lake’s owners.

Why are Mike Adam and Mark Pfister still gainfully employed at Lake County when they have such a verifiable disdain for the law and lake owners?

Anonymous said...

And so the Wooster boondoggle continues, it's a wake lake and always has been, but the busybody haters continue to try to enforce illegal ordinances and deflate property values based on deed records.

Lake Co Republicons must be held accountable said...

Mike Adam, Mark Pfister, Bonnie Carter (R), and Tanneron Bay went to the (far) "right" legislator to go backdoor with their covert attempt to change state law requirements from 100% to 65%.

The same legislator (R) sponsored this above anti-transparency bill on behalf of Suzi Schmidt (R), who by no coincidence lives on private Cedar Lake which also is partially unincorporated and per Mike Adam and Mark Pfister's below report has a village's radical boating restrictions extending 3 miles beyond village borders over the whole lake. See page 6 of:

Republicons repeatedly abusing powers of government to implement their non-transparent, end around agendas, trying to cheat people of transparency and what is by state law rightfully theirs.

How many unlawful covert attempts of zoning Wooster Lake is State's Attorney Mike Nerheim (R) going to allow these lying dirtbags to get away with? He hasn't even stopped them from abusing the Lake County Recorder's Office which remains today filled with bogus association by-laws purporting Wooster Lake to be restricted with various usage restrictions. Everyone who buys in at these developments still gets defrauded today.

Anonymous said...

Eye on Lake County should interview Pat Tierney, the then-Lake County Building & Zoning Director who in 1997 flat out rejected the submitted DRAFT covenants and restrictions of Wooster Lake and prevented it from being inserted into Tanneron Bay development's filed bylaws. Yes, Tanneron Bay officers have been lying all these years as the restrictions were never filed against the Tanneron Bay lake property like they have been heavily advertising.

Pat Tierney rejected the covenants and restrictions in 1997 because none of the lake owners were willing to sign the Declaration. It was a hoax.

Mr. Pfister, Mr. Adam, and Balogny Inc. from Tanneron Bay in 2001 somehow got Fox Lake attorney Howard Teegan on board with their crap and got him to disseminate and further push this unsigned Declaration of restrictions. At Teegan's direction, 2001-52 was adopted by the village of Fox Lake in 2001 requiring the developer to insert the unsigned Declaration into the Holiday Park Declaration, which was recorded and filed at the Recorder's Office in 2003. Balogny Inc. was in business. Who cares if it wasn't kosher or signed by anyone?! The pork-based 2001 ordinance from Fox Lake and filed at the Recorder's Office "legalized" Tanneron Bay's agenda leaving unsuspecting buyers at Holiday Park to feast on the "other white meat" as advertised at the Lake County Recorder of Deeds Office.

Tanneron Bay Association in reality never themselves adopted by-laws incorporating the Wooster Lake covenants and restrictions (WLCCA DCCRs) and thus never filed as such at the Recorder of Deeds Office against their lake property. All a big lie that they advertise on their website declaring that they did. See the Exhibit in:
where they falsely claim they declared their lake property to this WLCCA DCCRs declaration.

That's what this scam is all about. Tanneron Bay officers, Mr. Pfister, Mr. Adam, Mr. Teegan, and Mrs. Carter got involved in a scam that originated in 2001 where thereafter they could not bring themselves to stop lying. They chose instead to add lie after lie after lie and bring in more public officials to reinforce their no-wake boondoggle.

Is there a doctor in the house? said...

Medication needs to be prescribed, long enough to curb the fabrication, backstabbing, and fraudulence. That and a few straight jackets for Lunatic Bay. Then reason could prevail.

User conflict also plagued Crystal Lake in the early 1990's. The solution came in the form of compromise. No-wake / wake hours, something that has withstood the test of time.

Until med's are taken and straight jackets are fitted, Wooster Lake will stay a wake lake all day and every day.

Clarence Darrow said...

Bringing in more dumb@ss politicians like Bonnie Carter who are not lake owners is not the answer, Eye on Lake County.

Politicians have a long history of disenfranchising people with the promise of votes. That is exactly what Tanneron Bay did over the many years with Bonnie Thomson Carter in public office. There are many more off the lake voters in District 5 than Wooster Lake owner voters.

Any such agenda to politicize the issue is a huge waste of resoures as by STATE LAW the owners of the lake have rights to recreation over 100% of the lake's waters. Beacham v. Lake Zurich Property Owners Assc., 1988. That cannot be eliminated by any politician from any municipality or Lake County. Politicizing a legal issue is just plain stupid.

Will Wooster remain a WAKE LAKE 24/7? Or will owners agree to compromise? Or will stupid prevail and repeat itself on Wooster?

In 1962 a group of people vastly off Wooster Lake calling themselves the "Wooster Lake Improvement Association, Inc." (which by no coincidence is listed as 1 of the declarant owners of Wooster Lake in the falsified WLCCA DCCRs) gathered their torches and pitchforks gaining the support of County politicians, of course with the promise of votes. The County was convinced by the mob, I mean WLIA, to zone and try to take away the rights of the Wooster Lake owner. A waste of resources, both public and private.

The Wooster Lake owner MacNeal - the former owner of Holiday Park including lake bed of Wooster - defeated the torches and pitchforks and the County where the Illinois Supreme Court found in favor of the Wooster Lake owner MacNeal. Incidentally, MacNeal in the 70's and 80's also held boat races and even jet ski races on Wooster Lake.

Below is a cut and paste from that high court's ruling:

"Two expert witnesses testified for defendants that the value of residence properties nearby would not be adversely affected by defendants' use of parcel 2 because of the many similar commercial uses already in the area. Both agreed also that the highest and best use of parcel 2 was for a recreational area, and one was of the opinion that its value *264 was 35 to 40 percent more for recreational uses than for residential uses. No expert testimony was introduced by plaintiff to refute or contradict these witnesses.

Although plaintiff argues, as the master suggested, that the reasonableness of the residential classification for parcel 2 is at least debatable, thus forestalling judicial interference, we cannot agree that this is so. A fair appraisal of all the testimony and exhibits in the record shows that the highest and best use of the property is for a recreational area. Indeed, the lake itself and the character of the great majority of the land abutting it makes this an inevitable conclusion. Clearly, parcel 2 is not characterized by the residential uses, but by the recreational and commercial uses which predominate on the shores of the lake."

Did I mention that MacNeal was one of the historical lake owners who held jet ski races and boat races on Wooster Lake? That seeems to be omitted from the multiple Tanneron Bay letterrs to the editor when they politicized the issue via their web of lies.

ghost of Sir Walter Scott said...

Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.

Anonymous said...

Eye on LC should expose how this boondoggle was first invented. “Covenants” and “Gentlemen’s Agreement” were first fabricated at the same time in 1995 by this individual.

Geraldine or Geri Stimpson left a trail to LC B&Z, asking it to adopt the bogus covenants and restrictions into the bylaws/declaration of development Lakeside Woods, later renamed Tanneron Bay.
That was the first attempt with the WLCCA DCCRs. Unsuccessful as LC B&Z denied her request, but this denial is important because the WLCCA DCCRs were never incorporated into the Tanneron Bay bylaws/declaration.

For years the Tanneron Bay officials have cried the opposite. Even today Tanneron Bay’s website claims Tanneron Bay declared itself to the WLCCA DCCRs when it never did. “Do as I say Holiday Park, not as I do.”

If this isn’t enough, Geraldine Stimpson is on the Lake County Zoning Board of Appeals. By her own words in her 1995 letter, she is at the core of this unlawful method of restricting property that is not hers. Zoning.

The 1995 draft she proposed and which was denied had no signatures on it.

Really makes you wonder how the still unsigned draft “slipped by” the attorney at Village of Fox Lake in 2001 and into the Fox Lake Holiday Park development Declaration by 2003.

Anonymous said...

"You must think that I'm stupid
You must think that I'm a fool
You must think that I'm new to this
But I have seen this all before"

The lying slandering sacks at Tanneron Bay can go #### themselves.

All day and every day, @$$h0735 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!