Wednesday, May 15, 2019

A Tale of 2 Wooster Lakes

Buyers looking for lakefront property my have noticed these two 2019 Wooster Lake listings:

Blue Springs Drive, Fox Lake, IL 60020 | MLS#: 10103217

W Vista Court, Ingleside, IL 60041 | MLS#: 10090585
One listing says there is a 25 horsepower restriction on Wooster Lake. The other says there are no restrictions.

Well, I'm confused!


Anonymous said...

This royal goat f@ck brought to you by Extreme and Total BS, Inc.

Not that it’s surprising, the sociopath selling with the listing of restrictions is also a former Tanneron Bay Association President who admitted in an email back in 2005 she knew the covenants and restrictions “...were never filed with any governing body.” Yet in 2019 President Liar Liar Pants On Fire lists and sells a property as restricted.

The County and village governments must be so proud of cohorts Bonnie Carter, Mike Adam, Mark Pfister, Geri Stimpson, Howard Teegan, and Bill Gentes abusing the powers of local government and aligning for so many years with the malignant narcissists compulsively and now defiantly selling restrictions.

Over so many years (what, over 16 years now?) just how many buyers bought into these restrictions?

Maybe a current representative from Theranos Bay who hasn’t yet parachuted out could provide that long list of suckers. I have lots of “land” in FLA that I want to sell.

Anonymous said...

Merriam-Webster definition

FRAUD: deceit; trickery
specifically intentional perversion of truth in order to induce another to part with something of value or surrender a legal right

TB = hypocritical grifters said...

25 HP limit? The hypocrites at Tanneron Bay themselves have plenty of pontoon boats exceeding that fabricated restriction. The grifters seem to have a hard time keeping track of their lies.

Fit the grifters with orange jumpsuits. Fit the loons with straight jackets and a padded cell.

voice of reason said...

Invalid, unenforceable restrictions of the lake are at best deceptive, at worse fraudulent, and at worst conflict-causing. Wooster is a perfect example.

Owners in summer 2005 were on their way pursuing compromise, poised to propose a 1st draft of no wake - wake hours. Compromise was derailed however with TB’s covert no wake ordinance adopted by Village of Round Lake. Forget it was unlawful....its covert adoption derailed compromise owners were in the process of working out amongst themselves. It stands to reason for 2019 owners to rekindle compromise efforts again in 2019. Focus on common denominators, not differences.

Those who rely on “can’t” or “”won’t” are the ones causing the conflict.