Wednesday, May 29, 2019

EtO Power

In Lake County, Memorial Day marks not only the first day of Summer, but is also the first day you may wear a white Hazmat suit.

Haha, Medline Industries in Waukegan has been a source of ethylene oxide contamination in Lake County. Ethylene Oxide is a proven carcinogen and is so flammable that it is used as a main component of thermobaric weapons.

Perhaps uncoincidentally, Medline also markets Hazmat suits. And if that's not enough irony for one $10 billion company, Medline ...
has joined chemical industry lobbyists who contend that ethylene oxide poses few, if any, health risks to ordinary Americans. Among other things, Medline hired a former scientist for one of the biggest manufacturers of the toxic gas who has co-authored several industry-funded studies rejected by the U.S. EPA and independent scientific reviewers. The company also has called for another analysis of the chemical, part of a concerted effort by makers and users of ethylene oxide to overturn a stringent safety limit established by the EPA in 2016 after more than a decade of study and two rounds of independent review delayed several times by industry opposition. Industry lobbyists are continuing to press their case with sympathetic officials in the Trump administration.
Waukegan company proposes new pollution controls that would dramatically cut emissions of cancer-causing gas
The Trump Administration responded with a statement via Twitter:
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