Saturday, January 12, 2019

The Runaround Agenda

43-Yard Field Goal Challenge
Who knew? As things turn out, it is easier to shut down the Federal government than to shut down Township government. DMW Governor Bruce Rauner proved he is no Donald Trump by vetoing a bill that could have eliminated some Lake County townships.

Lake County's lone remaining Republican State legislator, David McSweeney, who sponsored the bill, was fit to be tied:
State Rep. David McSweeney, the Barrington Hills Republican who carried the bill through the Illinois House, said Rauner's veto represents an appropriate end cap to his final days in office. "Gov. Rauner leaves office as a liar, a hypocrite, a phony, the worst governor in the history of the State of Illinois," McSweeney said. "This just shows what a phony he really is."
Gov. Bruce Rauner vetoes McHenry County township consolidation bill
Attempts to reach McSweeney, to find out how he really feels, failed.

Speaking on conditions of anonymity, however, one anonymous source told your LakeCountyEye: "What's not to understand? We get no blowback from the TOI or any elected Township officials. And at the same time we get to go home and tell our constituents that we voted to eliminate the Townships. It's a win-win for everyone!"

Note to Ops: So much winning.

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Anonymous said...

Townships are going nowhere. For the most part in IL, townships are the farm-league for the GOP. Over 40 bills to affect some form of township have been introduced in the last four many became law?...maybe one. McSweeney and his Democratic counterpart Yingling do their best every year to introduce anti-township legislation. Most end up in the Rule Commitee where bills go to die or get vetoed. It is a funny game the legislators play as the give McSweeney and Yingling a false sense of security passing by passing their frivolous legislation knowing the Gov will veto and then stab McSweeny and Yingling in the back by NOT over-riding the veto.
The Township Officials of Illinois (TOI) is a small but mighty lobbiest. David is TOI, Goliath is the House.