Monday, June 11, 2018

In God We Trust -- All Others Vote for Kash

Kash Jackson knows you can run for Governor despite lacking even the money to pay child support:
Libertarian governor candidate found in contempt of court
You do it by leveraging your insolvency into free media, courtesy cable TV:
Of course, unless your name is Donald J Trump, being the butt of humor on Comedy Central is not a strategy for electoral success.

He may be Lake County's favorite-son candidate for Governor, but a ballot-name like Kash Jackson isn't going to jack someone up to the top of the electoral totem-pole. JoeBlows named Kash Jackson come a dime a dozen. Just ask anyone who has seen as many porn movies as your LakeCountyEye has.

Note to Ops: What a Kash Jackson needs is a good middle name. Like for instance, Kash Action Jackson. Here are 10 to get things going:
Ten Middle Names
to Print on Kash Jackson Yardsigns
  1. Is King

  2. For Gold

  3. Out

  4. And Concealed Carry

  5. Flo

  6. Eddie

  7. Onthebarrelhead

  8. Only (No Credit No Checks)

  9. 4 Klunkers

  10. Amstutz
Look out for your LakeCountyEye. Danger is your LakeCountyEye's middle name.

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