Saturday, June 16, 2018

Disappointing the Lake County Assessor

The Lake County Assessor wars may go nuclear. A Bill waiting to be signed on the Governor's desk could allow Lake County voters to elect their County Assessor. The Lake County Assessor is currently an appointed position.

The Bill has wide bi-partisan support. One exception is Lake County Board Chair Aaron Lawlor. As Chair, Lawlor has the sole authority to appoint the Lake County Assessor and stands to lose that authority if the Bill becomes law.

Aaron Lawlor may not think that Lake County voters can be trusted to choose their County Assessor:
Lawlor said Friday that he feels voters should be "very concerned about this bill," adding that "this is not the type of office you elect someone who you'd like to have a beer with," because you want someone who is qualified.
Push is on for Rauner to sign bill allowing referendum for electing Lake County assessor
For the record, Aaron Lawlor holds an elected office, and wants to be re-elected in November:

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May Mr Lawlor put you down for a yardsign?


Anonymous said...

I am sorry this a waste of resources and hopefully the Gov will VETO. This is a vendetta bill and nothing more.. How does Rep Yingling who authored HB607 (now law) that allows voters to eliminate township highway commisioners, an elected position and bring the commission under the oversight of the township board thinks it is ok to spearhead a bill to take Board oversight away from an APPOINTED position and make it ELECTED.

We elect the 18 township assessors with a 10% voter turnout and we see what that gets us!!!! A parody of competence and incompetence. Yingling’s own Assessor and close ally is one of the most mistake prone Assessor’s in the county.


This is retaliation for the County Board doing an internal study that realized if we eliminate township assessors an immediate savings of $4,000,000.00 dollars could be passed on to property owners. After all elected Assessors hold no special power that are not already granted to the state and Chief County Assessors and are not elected by the majority of registered voters.

If the Chief County Assessor is so bad, then let the Board that has oversight take action and make change.
Adding YET ANOTHER elected position is ridiculous and coming form Mr. Consolidation of Local Government, wreaks of vendetta.

Anonymous said...

Lawlor is the stereotypical hypocrite in Lake County government.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:53pm What about your thoughts on the initiative? Do you have any?