Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Long Arms of the Law

Are you good at word problems? This week's pop quiz will test your math skills:

You are invited to the Lake County Republican 2nd Amendment Dinner & Gun Raffle. At a minimum, 24 guns are raffled off:
Twenty-four firearms were raffled off at the $75-per-person fundraising dinner, including at least two safes filled with guns.
Lake County GOP gun raffle draws about 100 protesters
It costs $1000 to sponsor a table at the gun raffle:

Lake County Republican Central Committee A-1 List
How many new firearms does your $1000 contribution put into general circulation?
"We are living in very dangerous times, there's no question about it," Curran said Tuesday during a presentation hosted by the Womens Network Group of the GLMV Chamber of Commerce. "There will be another school shooting and it won't be far down the road. It's inevitable," he added.
Keeping safe in troubled times requires a plan, Lake County authorities say
Note to Ops: You can't sell them a cure if they don't have the disease.

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