Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Principal Peter

Your LakeCountyEye has a winner.

The 2018 election may be months away, but pundits are predicting a Democratic takeover of the US House of Representatives:
Democrats hope to ride a wave of liberal enthusiasm and anti-Trump sentiment to a House majority in the midterm elections in November.
To Reclaim the House, Democrats Need to Flip 24 G.O.P. Seats.25 Are in Clinton Territory.
Anywhere from 21 to 41 GOP Congressmen are predicted to lose their seats to a Democrat in November.

If that weren't enough bad news, this ring of woeful Republicans lack a recognizable media-ready stand-in to represent them as a group. That is, until now.

It's official, Peter Roskam is the poster boy for the 2018 mid-term Congressional realignment. According to the Washington Post:

Control of the U.S. House will be decided in America's next political battleground of aboveground pools, bike trails, and oversized Tudor and Victorian houses full of working professionals like Karrie Sullivan, a Republican voter who cast her primary ballot last week for a Democrat. In a suburb outside of Chicago, Sullivan is determined to replace her congressman, six-term Rep. Peter J. Roskam (R), whom she has supported in the past. His sin, she said, was his affiliation with President Trump.
Suburban voters angry with Trump threaten GOP’s grip on House
These days, when the media casts an eye on the incoming blue tsunami, the media casts an eye on Peter Roskam.

Like for instance, the Daily Herald ...

Suburban voters angry with Trump threaten GOP grip on House
Or the Chicago Tribune ...

Suburban voters angry with Trump threaten GOP control of the U.S. House
Peter Roskam, who is Lake County's vestigial Congressman, is invited to c'mon down and claim his prize: Free executive coaching services and a K-Street business directory.

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