Sunday, April 8, 2018

A Dead Giveaway

Q:Do Republicans look different than everyone else?
A:Yes. If he is a Republican then that is a gun in his pocket.

Haha, Prof Kevin Smith at the University of Nebraska has gathered empirical proof that Republicans and Democrats look different. Democrats reveal more emotion on their faces than do Republicans:

participants watched silent videos of unidentified congressional representatives giving speeches. The videos were stripped of obvious body movements and facial expressions. Participants were then asked to rate the speakers on emotional expressivity and political ideology. Results displayed emotional expressivity correlates not only with perceived ideology but actual ideology as well. "We deliberately picked video without overt emotional cues," Smith said. "But sure enough, people could pick out who the liberal one was and who the conservative one was."
UNL study finds liberals show more emotion than conservatives
Of course, it is hardly a surprise that some Congressmen would be sporting a deadpan expression more than others:
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