Monday, November 27, 2017

Turf War

No Foolin'?
Lake County may be the unlawful conviction capitol of Illinois. But if some township assessors get their way, Lake County could become the unlawful contravention capitol as well:
A lawsuit filed Thursday claims policies enacted by Lake County's appointed assessment supervisor are unfairly inflating property tax bills for thousands of residents. The suit filed by the Lake County Assessors Association and several residents argues Lake County Chief Assessment Officer Marty Paulson is ignoring annual revaluations by some township assessors and instead applying a blanket increase on all properties in a township. The suit also names the county as a defendant, since the county board hired Paulson.
Assessors claim Lake County is unfairly taxing thousands
One spokesman who knows a thing or two about township officials said: "If we win this suit then everyone will be able to afford a house in Lake County. And not just these $300-per-hour trial lawyers."

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Anonymous said...

Step one is for Assessor’s to police themselves. There are some good one and then there are some that are completely clueless. I surmise it is the action of the clueless that causes the County to insert themselves. When 90% of the voters sit home during these type of elections, no doubt you will get some dunces in position of power.

Anonymous said...

Eye on Lake County has in its articles revealed the deceptive and wrongful appraisal practices in some townships. Grant Township for example has documented appraisals that are in conflict to Lake County States Attorney opinions and also reveal that Office has historically been accomplice to highly questionable recordings of properties in Grant.

Instead of addressing the corruption that's rampant in the Grant Office, Paulson instead chooses to apply broad strokes and unfounded percentage increases that only make the assessments further off. In short, Paulson's argument is to somehow fix stupid by applying more stupid.

The rest of the county politicos are content to stand by and watch the stupidity breed and lawsuits continue. Pathetic

Anonymous said...

Let us not forget how the township assessors filed suit just last year for the exact same reasons cited in their current suit. But they last year "mistakenly" filed in the wrong court. " Opps"

It does not take a detective to see the problem of bad assessments exists and persists because of the corruption at both the township level and County level in Lake County.

Anonymous said...

Does Lake County still have a State's Attorney? Does Illinois have an Attorney General?

Assessors only pull this BS because law enforcement is convinced by some scumbag politicians to avoid doing its job.