Thursday, November 16, 2017

Three's a Crowd

give'm a run for their money
Rule #1 in politics:
You campaign in poetry. And you govern in prose.
Take for instance Hillary Clinton. In 2016 she campaigned in prose. And now today her book is available on Amazon for just $17.09 (hardcover):
What Happened
by Hillary Rodham Clinton
Now that Ms Clinton has shown the glass ceiling can be broken, women everywhere are stepping up to the plate to run for office. Like for instance ...
Wauconda Trustee Linda Starkey announced Wednesday she'll run for the Lake County Board in 2018. Starkey, whose political resume includes two terms as North Barrington's mayor, is seeking the Republican nomination for the county's 17th District seat.
Wauconda trustee to run for Lake County Board
And no sooner was the ink dry, another woman announced a week later.
A third Republican candidate has entered the race for the Lake County Board's 17th District seat. North Barrington resident Eleanor Sweet McDonnell has announced she wants the job.
Third GOP candidate running for 17th District Lake County Board seat
Both ladies are challenging Michael Danforth, who in February was appointed to fill a vacancy in County Board District 17. This contest is widely considered an open seat.

Your LakeCountyEye did the math: At the current rate of one per week, Michael Danforth could end up with a dozen women candidates competing against him on the Primary ballot. Which means the voters in Danforth's district will have plenty of female candidates to choose from. A win-win-win for everyone.

Your LakeCountyEye doesn't know what Michael Danforth's secret is -- but he should bottle and sell it!

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