Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Hold the Bezos Bus

Overheard today somewhere in Lake County:
"Siri, tell Mr Bezos to build his new Amazon headquarters in Waukegan."
Haha, everyone is in a bidding war to get the new amazon.com world headquarters. And by everyone, your LakeCountyEye means the City of Waukegan:
Waukegan has joined the legions of communities vying to be the home for online retail giant Amazon's proposed second headquarters, hoping that its proximity to Chicago and the interstate system will give it an edge. The city's planning and zoning department is in the process of reviewing potential sites, which will then be submitted to Lake County Partners
Waukegan, Lake County Partners plan bid for Amazon's second headquarters
Naysayers will say that they are more likely to see a $5 minimum casino built in Waukegan than a $5 billion dot.com corporate megaplex. But the smart money says Waukegan not only has an edge, it has the inside track.

Your LakeCountyEye recently discovered this amazon.com internal document ...
Amazon Route 53
Those who click the link will as surprised as your LakeCountyEye to learn that amazon.com has purchased the naming rights to the Route 53 Extension:
Amazon Route 53
Note to Ops: If you haven't invested in any northeast Lake County bottomland yet, what are you waiting for?

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