Saturday, September 23, 2017

French Fry the Franchise

Question of the day ...

If Russian hackers are eligible to vote in Illinois. And if the potato is the national vegetable of Russia. Does that mean you should vote like a couch potato?

Haha, this may explain a recent video made by the Lake County Clerk's office, called Vote Like a Couch Potato:
A short video called Vote Like a Couch Potato! starring a faux Mr. Potato Head was created and posted on YouTube, the county website and in newsletters.
Lake County honored for 'Vote Like a Couch Potato' campaign
Sources tell your LakeCountyEye that the video is a followup to a successful GOTV campaign by the previous Lake County Clerk. That one was called Vote Like a Goldfish:
In related news, a Fish & Chips dinner announced that he will be a candidate for Illinois Attorney General:
Note to Ops: Petition period began only a week ago and already the slates are filling up!

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