Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Pop a Pill

Do the Dew
Pop Quiz!

Can you identify this substance? What is ...
  1. Addictive.
  2. Induces euphoria.
  3. Lacks nutritional value.
  4. Creates animus when proscribed or subject to tariff.
If you answered ...
... good guess! But the correct answer is:
Haha, were it not a multi-billion dollar industry, your carbonated beverage would be classified as a Schedule I Controlled Substance. But as things stand, millions of soda pop addicts are held hostage daily to the carbonated beverage cartels -- and woe unto anyone who deems it wise to impede the flow of sugary (and artificially sweetened) beverages:
It's been just over a week but Cook County's new tax on sweetened beverages is on the fast track toward becoming one of the more vilified public policies in recent memory.
It's been 9 days. It's time to repeal Cook County's soda pop tax
What do the candidates have to say about the universally reviled soda tax? Ammie Kessem is a candidate for State Rep in District 19, on Chicago's Northwest side:
Ammie Kessem for State Rep
And as far as your LakeCountyEye can tell, Kessem has nothing whatsoever to say about the soda tax in Cook County:
Ammie Kessem for State Rep: Issues
Note to Ammie Kessem Ops: Your candidate is missing a bet.

Just sayin!

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