Thursday, August 31, 2017

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ObamaCare Repealed: Pay Hospital $100
It's been raining so long in Texas that even your LakeCountyEye's basement is flooded. And while the basement of a single parent is as good a place to blog from as any, it has come to your LakeCountyEye's attention that 3 feet of water plus electrical devices is not a long-term plan for success. As a consequence, your LakeCountyEye has been apartment hunting.

Peter Roskam, Lake County's vestigial Congressman, is advertising a sublet in Barrington:
Roskam pays $200 a month to Barrington for his small satellite office that's considered market value, according to his village lease that runs to Jan. 2, 2019.
Roskam protest in Barrington centered on Medicaid, Medicare
Informed sources say $200/mo is quite reasonable, even for antebellum Barrington. (Your LakeCountyEye discovered the hard way that Barrington is not an inexpensive town.  A night out there can set you back $200 -- in soda tax alone!) Zillow says in Barrington $200 covers the rent for maybe a mail-drop and nothing more. And anyone who has ever lived out of a mail-drop knows that both parking and the washroom are down the street.

Long story short, your LakeCountyEye hurried over to 200 South Hough Street in Barrington to put down a security deposit -- only to be told that Congressman Roskam had no plans to vacate before the 2018 election.

Note to Ops: November 2018 is a long time to wait. Who is running against Roskam in the Primary?

Just askin!

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