Sunday, March 19, 2017

Funny Money

It has come to your LakeCountyEye's attention that there will be an election on April 4, a Tuesday. And as if that don't beat all, there is an election every year in Illinois -- not just in the years divisible by four. Who knew? Certainly not your LakeCountyEye!

To be sure, your ballot will be top heavy with candidates for park board and township trustee and other stupid stuff. But while that is enough to stop everyone from voting, it is never enough to stop everyone from running.

In Mundelein the candidates are waging a flame war. According to the Pioneer Press, Mundelein Trustee candidate Dawn Abernathy went to Facebook and put one candidate for Mayor on notice:
"We have to work together to counter the $14,000 in Korean money you have funding your race. We are pooling our money together."
Mundelein trustee draws heat for 'Korean money' comment on Facebook
If you are all like ... What is Korean Money? ... you are not alone. Your LakeCountyEye looked it up on Google:
Early voting begins tomorrow, March 20, on Monday. Note to Ops: Don't forget to tip your election judge.

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