Sunday, October 2, 2016

You Said "Johnson"

World's Greatest Newspaper
Q:Take away his unbelievably fabulous supermodel trophywife from Donald Trump and what do you have left?
A:Gary Johnson
Haha, Libertarian Candidate for President Gary Johnson has been in the news lately. More specifically, in the Chicago Tribune. The Tribune (which had endorsed Donald Trump wannabee Bruce Rauner for Governor in 2014) blinked -- and declined to endorse Donald Trump for President. Then the Tribune blinked again and endorsed Gary Johnson.

The thinking in Tribune Tower, apparently, is that the enemy of your enemy is not Hillary Clinton. No, that person is a Libertarian candidate -- one who will not poll any better than another spoiler candidate, Ralph Nader, did in the 2000 Presidential Election.

The blogosphere was none too pleased:
LOL! Chicago Tribune tells its readers to vote for Gary Johnson

Trump drives the media nuts, literally: The Chicago Tribune’s delusional Gary Johnson endorsement is a symptom of a deeper illness

What the Hell Is the Chicago Tribune Thinking?
A Gary Johnson endorsement? Really?
On behalf of 400 lb bloggers, on beds throughout the blogosphere, your LakeCountyEye's subscription to the Tribune would have immediately been cancelled. Had there been one.

Sources tell your LakeCountyEye, however, that the Trump for President campaign reads this blog every day. So your LakeCountyEye thought up ten insulting names to call the Chicago Tribune.

Go nuts, Donald:
The 10 Absolute Classiest
Sarcastic Names for the Chicago Tribune
  1. Chicago Buffoon
  2. Chicago Poltroon
  3. Chicago Silver Spoon
  4. Chicago Looneytoon
  5. Chicago Hot Air Balloon
  6. Chicago Jejune
  7. Chicago Full Moon
  8. Chicago Picayune
  9. Chicago Hockey Goon
  10. Chicago Douche Platoon
Look for your LakeCountyEye spoon 'neath the moon in June near you.

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