Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Whoopsie Drobinski?

What do you call it when you forget to do something important? A senior moment? A crime? Depends on what you forget.

I’ve discovered an interesting website recently that suggests that the line between forgetfulness and criminality may be brighter than some people think.
To quote the website, called www.illinoiscitizenforce.com,
"For approximately 18 months after his mother passed away, Rod Drobinski continued to collect her monthly pension check."
Rod Drobinski Sued for Pension Scam

Rod Drobinski is running for state representative in District 62 against incumbent Sam Yingling.

Aren’t State Representatives the ones in charge of the state’s pension funds?

Drobinski was sued in Federal Court by the Abbott Employees Retirement Plan and forced to return $19,004.55 of his mother’s pension that he kept for himself after his mother passed away in 2005.

Qualified to solve our state’s pension problems? I don’t think so.


Anonymous said...

This website was created by Sam Yingling and his husband Lowell Jaffe. It's about as accurate as the Lake County Gazette.

Anonymous said...

AND the website which has paid for statement is not registered with the Illinois State Board of Elections, so who is is paid for by? Chicago underemployed attorneys?

Anonymous said...

Paaalease. Fraud is hardly considered a crime if you are a public official in Lake County.

redtail said...

Hello Anonymous.

Thank you for the comment.

To set the record straight, a Illinois PAC is not required to register with the SBE before raising/spending $5000.


Anonymous said...

Understand a D-4 has been filed.

Anonymous said...

If he was a big law and order send bad guys to jail prosecutor in the Lake county States Attorney office, then tell me he did not compromise the safety of our citizens by living in a make believe world that defense attorneys most likely knew about,( his secret theft that put him in a compromising position with justice). This man bargained sentencing with attorneys representing hardened criminals. He was in a position to mishandle prosecutions. He was subject to blackmail. He was in position to compromise federal and state investigations to keep his secret. This whole thing is sickening. And he is probably on paid leave to run for Illinois legislature.