Friday, October 14, 2016

Flip. Flop. Repeat.

  1. A hairstyle in which the hair is dyed orange, grown long on one side of the head, and combed over the top of the head to cover a bald spot.

  2. Peter Roskam.

His constituents may think that Peter Roskam, Lake County's vestigial congressman, has flipped his lid. Roskam's on-the-record verbal gymnastics have everyone confused -- just where does Peter Roskam stand on his Party's Candidate for President, Donald Trump?

Only last week, Roskam was flipping out over the prospect of a President Trump ...
During a recent meeting with the Daily Herald editorial board, Roskam called the election a "binary choice." He said he views Donald Trump as a "wild card" who he was "choosing to vote for ... over the unworthy candidate."
Suburban Republicans in Congress weigh words on Trump carefully
But by Tuesday of this week, the Trump-reality-show is a big flop for Roskam ...
Just hours after saying U.S. Rep. Peter Roskam was planning to vote for Donald Trump, spokesman David Pasch on Tuesday rescinded the remark.
Roskam flip-flops on Trump; now undecided
On Wednesday, Peter Roskam LALALALA cannot hear the Trump flapdoodle LALALALA ...
Asked whether Roskam still intended to vote for Trump, Roskam spokesman Davis Pasch would not comment.
Roskam's flip-flop on Trump
As of Thursday ... well, haha, who the heck knows ...
In an interesting turn of events this past week, Rep. Peter Roskam publicly backed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, then claimed he was undecided about the race and ultimately returned to backing the divisive billionaire.
Rep. Roskam Flip-Flops, Then Flips Back to Backing Trump: Report
Flippin awesome!

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