Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Lawyered Up?

Court Jester
Q:How many lawyers does it take to screw a lightbulb?
A:None. Lawyers only screw people.

Robert Dold, Lake County's serial Congressman, hopes to turn up the legal heat on his opponents. According to the Daily Herald ...
U.S. Rep. Bob Dold's attorneys are demanding that a Democratic political action committee stop linking the Kenilworth Republican to Donald Trump's presidential campaign.
Dold demands PAC stop linking him to Trump
The Trump campaign was quick to issue a strongly worded statement: "Only a total moron would send his attorneys out to file a nuisance suit, and just so as to direct some cheap media attention toward their boss. This completely illustrates the huge difference between Donald Trump and Robert Dold. Loser."

Your LakeCountyEye will keep you apprised when further developments warrant.

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