Friday, September 23, 2016

A Sign of the Apocalypse?

Only $1,495 Even though 16 out of every 1000 McHenry County residents carry concealed weapons, the County is in the jaws of a crime wave. According to the tireless tax fighters at the McHenryCountyBlog, their Donald Trump yardsigns are being stolen:
Yesterday, on my way back from church, I notice that my Donald Trump sign was missing.
Trump Sign Stolen
The second yard sign supporting Donald Trump for President has disappeared from in front of our home.
Message of the Day – Sign Gone
Finding a replacement sign is easier said than done. Trump badly trails in statewide polls, and his campaign is not expected to be sharing their yardsigns with Illinois any time soon.

According to the Illinois Republican Party ...


You can show your support for Mr. Trump and Governor Pence by purchasing a yard sign through the campaign by clicking here. The Illinois campaign has a limited number of yard signs as well. Please contact Mitchell Bence at The campaign will likely not be able to meet the extraordinary demand for yard signs. To ensure a sign is delivered to your neighborhood, you can purchase a sign by clicking here.
Make America Great Again
$20 gets you an Official Trump-Pence 2016 Yard Sign (Set of 2), from Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.

Note to Operatives: Your LakeCountyEye knows where there is a reliable supply of FREE Trump signs. But you have to go to McHenry County.

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