Friday, September 9, 2016

Comparison Shopping

... and you're not. Your home is your best investment. Take that from no less an authority than your Township Assessor. The County, by now, has cashed that check you wrote to cover your property tax bill -- and is no doubt spending it all on stupid stuff. So now may be the time to (haha) assess the damages and form an action plan for the future.

As reported on this blog ...
Q the Eye/09.01.16
you can reduce your property taxes by appealing your assessment. This tactic requires no legal representation, is quite effective, and can be executed in three easy steps:
  1. Collect the addresses of homes that are assessed below yours.
  2. Forward those addresses to your Township Assessor, along with a WTF? postit attached.
  3. Watch your assessment crater faster than a Route 12 pothole.
Of course the devil is in the details. Accordingly, your LakeCountyEye will provide some comparable properties that you can start off with:
Pin:  05-23-116-001
Street Address:  26585 W WOOSTER LAKE DR
Land Amount:  $3
Building Amount:  $0
Total Amount:  $3
PIN 05-23-116-001
Pin:  05-23-111-061
Street Address:  0 BLUE SPRINGS DR
Land Amount:  $3
Building Amount:  $0
Total Amount:  $3
PIN 05-23-111-061
Pin:  05-23-202-012
Street Address:  34650 N PARK AVE
Land Amount:  $3
Building Amount:  $0
Total Amount:  $3
PIN 05-23-202-012
Pin:  05-23-200-018
Street Address:  34530 N PARK AVE
Land Amount:  $3
Building Amount:  $0
Total Amount:  $3
PIN 05-23-200-018
h/t Wooster Lake Fish Tales

Note to Ops: Your LakeCountyEye knows where there is some cheap land in Lake County.


Anonymous said...

05-23-116-001, 05-23-111-061, and 05-23-200-018 are homeowners association properties and are not taxed. 05-23-200-012 was purchased in 2014 for $55,000 and is currently assessed at a market value of $139,784 so I'm not sure why this one is on your list.
Perhaps with a little checking - this would have been pointed out in your article.

Barney Baxter said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for the update.

You may want to check your numbers, however. I did not post PIN 05-23-200-012, as you say.

I posted a different PIN, 05-23-202-012 (which is also not taxed).

This can be verified on the County Assessor's website:

PIN 05-23-202-012


Abused Tax Payer said...

Anonymous points out these 4 properties are HOA properties. True. But so what? Why should HOA properties be tax exempt? WTF??!!! With that kind of logic, everyone should declare their property as an HOA property and no one will pay any taxes.

People have been getting raped in Grant Township with devalued properties, wrong assessments and overtaxation while certain property owners are not paying their fair share.

Martin Paulson's equalization assessment hike has no effect on these underassessed properties, too. $0 x 1.071 still equals $0. Nice scam!!! This is a good example where Paulson and the local township assessor combined continue to undertax certain properties and overtax others.

Fit them all for a set of hand-cuffs.

Anonymous said...

Some of these so called homeowners' associations getting tax breaks in Grant Township are defunct organizations and have been for many years. They were involuntarily dissolved by the Secretary of State of Illinois many years ago. They were never real associations. They were fronts for the scam on Wooster Lake.

Fraud Investigation Needed said...

05-23-116-001 is listed by Lake County as owned by the "Wooster Lake Improvement Association". The IL Sec of State site lists this association was dissolved involuntarily by the State on December 9, 2011.

05-23-202-012 and -018 are listed by Lake County as owned by the "East Shore Improvement Association of Wooster Lake". The IL Sec of State site lists this association was dissolved involuntarily by the State on December 2, 1996. Not a typo. 1996

See for yourself.

With the help of the Grant Township Ass. Office and the complete disregard by Martin Paulson and Michael Nerheim's Office, these properties are for many years and still today using the status of owned-by-association to skirt paying any taxes.

Wooster Lake Fraud said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow! Every one of these zero taxed properties is a gorgeous lake front property. Must be nice to be politically connected in Grant Township!

Tax dog said...

After a judge in 2014 ruled against the phony Wooster Lake Conservation and Control "Association" where the allegations ranged to include fraud and other felonies, you would think the Grant Township offices would have cleaned up their act. You would think if their were an ounce of integrity in that office that Grant would be heavily scrutinizing anyone near Wooster who claimed to be an association, especially if they stood to gain a benefit with that status. The fact Grant allows this sham to continue around Wooster by means of "associations" which do not actually exist just shows you how corrupt area officials are and how their loyalties lie with special interests at the cost of the tax paying body.

Tax payers in Grant have been fleeced every year since these Wooster Lake "associations" were established and received non-for-profit status.