Sunday, February 7, 2016

Too Close to Home

Ask Siri Talk ordinarily is cheap. Talk is not cheap, however, when the services of a court reporter is required for a transcript. According to the Daily Herald ...
Hoping to move along a court case involving a dispute over the fate of the old Midlothian Manor property in Ela Township, a unit of Lake County government has paid an outstanding $6,000 cost for a public hearing transcript and is looking to residents who opposed the project for reimbursement.
County wants $6,000 from Lake Zurich-area homeless opponents
The dispute has spilled over into small clams court, and is scheduled to be heard this Tuesday.

One unhappy resident told your LakeCountyEye: "The County sure knows how to spend money. $6000? Give me a break. If they crowdsourced the job out to a designer in Indonesia, they could have gotten the same document for pennies on the dollar!"

That's all your LakeCountyEye has. Now go home.

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