Wednesday, February 10, 2016

More Than One Can Bear

The Chicago Bears did not send anybody to SuperBowl 50 -- but da Bears may be sending two players to Springfield this year. The Urlacher Brothers -- Brian and Casey -- besides being former Chicago Bears -- have something else in common. Both Urlachers are running for the Illinois Senate in District 26.

Two Urlachers running for one legislative office? Ordinarily, your LakeCountyEye would be quick to report that not since Cain slew Able during the Civil War has anyone foreseen a battle dividing brother against brother of these epic proportions. Sadly however, your LakeCountyEye no can do. The simple fact of the matter is more astonishing: Brian and Casey Urlacher are not running against each other. No, the two Urlacher Brothers are running together, as a team, for Senate 26.

Operatives, nodoubt, will be skeptical.  Your LakeCountyEye would be in total disbelief as well, were it not for this campaign mailer from the Urlacher Brothers:

Urlacher Brothers
Morning Workout in Mettawa
Seeing is believing.  This dynamic duo -- Brian and Casey Urlacher -- want you to send them both to the Illinois Senate.

The Urlacher Brothers certainly have contrived a novel way to ask for your vote.  In a time when the headlines are often about sports-related head injuries, two heads may indeed be better than one.

Can two individuals collectively run for the same Illinois legislative office, much like an Australian tag team would? One Illinois Constitutional scholar was surprisingly unconcerned: "If they don't mind having to share a spot in the Senate parking lot, I don't see anything to stop them."

The message is clear: A vote for Urlacher is really two votes in one. Just like voting early and often -- and without having to do either!

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