Monday, February 1, 2016

Land o' Swooshen

That giant sucking sound you heard was not the Lake County board in executive session. No, it was the sound of jobs leaving Lake County. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics said that the ...
Lake County, Ill.-Kenosha County, Wis., area reported a 5,100-job loss (1.2 percent)
Little change in area unemployment numbers
Ordinarily those Lake County jobs would be siphoned into Kenosha. But, if those statistics are to be believed, either those jobs are fleeing back into Lake County from Kenosha -- or they are going somewhere else.

Your LakeCountyEye investigated, and can exclusively report that these jobs are going to Indonesia. The Daily Herald has reported that ...
In need of a fresh logo quickly and at low cost, one Lake County town put out a request online -- and had it filled by someone in Indonesia. Rather than a strike a traditional contract with a design firm of consulting company, Gurnee used the crowdsourcing website to start what turned out to be worldwide competition to design the village's new logo.
How Gurnee's new logo came from Indonesia
After sifting through 325 proposals, the Village of Gurnee chose for itself a new logo from an Indonesian designer -- a logo that featured ...
a swoosh incorporated into the "N" of Gurnee.
How Gurnee's new logo came from Indonesia

Indonesian workers are no strangers to the iconic swoosh. Chances are your athletic shoes were made in Indonesia:
Note to Ops who plan to kiss goodbye that minimum wage job in Kenosha, for greener pastures in Indonesia: Set your clocks backward -- Indonesia is not on Central Standard Time!

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