Tuesday, October 27, 2015

You Gotta Know When to Fold'em

What -- and get out of show business? Operatives may need pencil and paper to solve this story problem: Take one career Washington politician. Combine the politician with one high-profile Congressional investigation into misdeeds committed in the far-east.  What do you get? Ops who answered the Benghazi Investigation are wrong. The correct answer is the House Ethics Committee probe of Peter Roskam's 2011 trip to Taiwan.

Haha, readers of this blog may recall that Lake County vestigial Congressman Peter Roskam got into some hot water a few years ago:
The House Ethics Committee announced Friday it was probing Rep. Peter Roskam (R-Ill.) without detailing what was at issue. Roskam's office disclosed that at issue was a trip he took with his wife to Taiwan in October, 2011 -– at a time his daughter was living in Taiwan. At issue is whether the $25,652 costs for the trip were paid for by the Chinese Culture University -– a permitted funder -— or as the independent Office of Congressional Ethics asserts, the Roskam visit was "organized and conducted by the government of Taiwan, with little to no involvement by the University," which would make it an impermissible funding source.
House ethics panel probing Rep. Peter Roskam over Taiwan trip
Roskam would have gotten off with a slap-on-the-wrist. But since the government of Taiwan did not return calls from the Ethics Committee, he got off scott-free instead.

As if to show that he hadn't only benefited from an expenses-paid vacation on Taiwan's dime, Roskam has been showcasing a recently-acquired mastery of origami -- the oriental art of paper folding.

Here, Roskam constructs a not-to-scale fetal tissue donation for a gathering of values-voters:

GOP Rep. Explodes At IRS Chief, Dramatically Crumples Redacted Report: ‘This Is Junk!
And meeting with faith-based constituents, Roskam demonstrates undivided support for Israel -- with a depiction, in origami, of Moses parting the Red Sea:

A Republican lawmaker dramatically ripped up some paper during Hillary Clinton's Benghazi hearing
What's next for Peter Roskam, the Edward Scissorhands of Capitol Hill? NRA members will learn how to fold an Illinois No-Firearms sign into a 100% civilian-legal semi-automatic weapon.

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