Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Doldy Herald?

the royal oppositionVeterans Day may be November 11, but the Daily Herald is already in the tank for Congressman Robert Dold.

Haha, Illinois congressional lawmakers have voted this year to kill ObamaCare, defund Planned Parenthood and to shut down the US government. This is what the Sun-Times said:
Roskam, Hultgren, LaHood vote against stopgap funding measure: Illinois delegation roll call
While the Daily Herald spun the stories thus:
Dold one of three Republicans to oppose Obamacare repeal
Dold breaks with Republicans on Planned Parenthood vote
Dold breaks with GOP on shutdown vote
Word on the street is that Robert Dold wants to be remembered as Lake County's disruptive legislator. A source at the Daily Herald explained it this way: "Dog bites man is not news. Dold bites Boehner is news." Your LakeCountyEye is hardpressed to disagree.

With an election coming, the Herald is developing more stories about Dold.  Your LakeCountyEye has seen galleys for ten of them -- so you don't have to:
Ten Future Daily Herald Stories
About Congressman Robert Dold
  1. Dold Gives Republicans the Cold Shoulder, Says Global Warming is Real

  2. Dold Breaks with GOP Colleagues, Performs Gay Marriage

  3. Dold Blasts GOP, Discards All His Firearms in Lake Michigan

  4. Dold Surprises Everyone, Nominates Nancy Pelosi for Speaker

  5. Dold One of Three Republicans to have Abortion

  6. Dold Says: "It's True, We Put Together a Special Benghazi Committee and Hillary Clinton's Numbers are Dropping!"

  7. Bernie Sanders Asks Dold to be Running Mate

  8. Dold Breaks the Faith, Converts to Islam

  9. Dold Favors Tax-and-Spend Big Government Programs Like Route 53 Extension

  10. Daily Herald Completely Drops Pretense of Journalistic Objectivity
Look for your LakeCountyEye, disrupting the rabblement near you.

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