Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Legal Vacuum?

when the going gets tough the tough get going Fresh on the heels of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker dropping out of the race for Lake County State's Attorney, Mark Curran announced he would do the same. The Daily Herald said ...
Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran has ended his run for state's attorney, just weeks after announcing plans to challenge incumbent Mike Nerheim in the 2016 Republican primary.
Curran drops out of state's attorney race
Curran's announcement, for one, came as a surprise. As readers of this blog are aware, Sheriff Curran launched his hail-mary-pass campaign for State's Attorney only six weeks ago, declaring in a press release that ...
Mike Nerheim has done nothing to raise the caliber of the office. Today I made an opening statement, but I will be presenting evidence throughout the campaign that change is needed.
Throwing Good Money After Bad?
Those readers overcome by a sense of deja-vu may recall that Curran performed a similar flip-flop in 2013, on a decision to run for Illinois Attorney General:
With Mark Curran now the last man out, there is no one left running for Lake County State's Attorney. One keen observer noted this could benefit the County in the long run: "If we quitclaim the State's Attorney office, Lake County will see considerably fewer wrongful conviction suits in the future."

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