Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Monkey Business

Lake County loves a dog & pony show. Particularly when the ponies are dogs. And the dogs are capuchin monkeys.

The Lake County Fair is bringing back the Banana Derby this year, which is your chance see capuchin monkeys (cebus capucinus) competing on the backs of dogs -- like itty-bitty little jockeys. Haha.

Some spoilsports, however, do not think this is a laughing matter. According to the Daily Herald ...
Despite urgings from some Lake County Board members, the Chicago Zoological Society and others, fair officials say there is no compelling reason to cancel a popular feature the fair has had for five years, and they take proper animal care and handling is a responsibility very seriously.
Protests don't get the monkeys off dogs' backs at county fair
One bona fide authority assured your LakeCountyEye, "For safety, they crazyglue the monkeys to the dogs. None of the animals, that way, don't get hurt."

The Banana Derby is a top draw at the Lake County Fair. The same official explained, "We're a for-profit organization and most of our customers are from Wisconsin. Do the math."

Your LakeCountyEye did the math and counted up 10 more popular attractions at the Lake County Fair (July 29 - Aug 2):
Ten Additional Attractions to See
at the 2015 Lake County Fair
  1. Dwarf Tossing
  2. Bear Baiting
  3. Cock Fighting
  4. Cow Tipping
  5. Bait & Switch
  6. Swatting
  7. The Swimsuit Competition
  8. Dog Fighting
  9. Toad Licking
  10. Wrongful Convictions
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