Thursday, July 30, 2015

Film Noir

Fred & Ginger On Monday two young lookalikes for the President and First Lady were noticed cruising up and down the Amstutz in an old yellow Datsun. Prelude to another inevitable Lake County wrongful conviction? No, this time it was a movie being filmed:
Southside With You is an upcoming American romantic dramedy film directed and written by Richard Tanne. The film stars Parker Sawyers and Tika Sumpter as a young Barack and Michelle Robinson Obama, respectively.
Southside with You
Waukegan's Amstutz Expressway was the scene this week for the Obama bio-pic Southside with You. The Mayor and other Waukegan dignitaries were present on the set, hoping to get a glimpse of the stars. The News-Sun said ...
everyone was told that Sawyers and Sumpter were in the middle of filming and wouldn't have time to greet them.
Barack, Michelle Obama's first date re-created in Waukegan film shoot
In related news ...
Would eliminating the Amstutz improve Waukegan lakefront?
the City of Waukegan wants to bulldoze the whole Amstutz Expressway into Lake Michigan. Siskel and Ebert were unavailable for comment.

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