Saturday, July 18, 2015

Murder in Paris

The LakeCountyEye VCR will be recording ...
Death Row Stories: Murder in Paris
on CNN tonight, Sunday, July 19, 9pm CDT.

Ordinarily your LakeCountyEye would embed a video trailer at this point. But stupid CNN has their promotional video set up to auto-play. You will have to settle for a screen-cap:

Death Row Stories: Murder in Paris Trailer
CountyLeaks has eveything you need to know about the CNN documentary:
CountyLeaks has published never-reported information on the role the Illinois State's Attorneys Appellate Prosecutor's office, its former Board of Governors and the Illinois State's Attorneys Association in protecting wealthy and powerful individuals.
ALERT: CNN's Death Row Stories this Sunday: Paris, IL Unsolved Murders
Scroll down the right side of this blog ad look for Local Blogs of Note where you will see the very same CountyLeaks -- the area's investigative blog without peer.

Lake County malefactors, freeboodlers and curs are advised to hatch their schemes on 9pm Sunday, July 19. Because that's when your LakeCountyEye will be watching CNN: Death Row Stories: Murder in Paris

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