Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Xbox

XXXLYour LakeCountyEye observes an annual tradition of sending holiday greetings to every reader of this blog in their native language:
Merry War On Christmas!
Startling news, however, has recently come in via the Intertubes:
Everyone knows the story of how the world wide web made the Internet accessible for everyone, but a lesser known story of the Internet's evolution is how automated code -- aka bots -— came to quietly take it over. Today, bots account for 56 percent of all of website visits
Bots Now Outnumber Humans on the Web
The site stats do not lie: Were it not for web bots (and North Korean hackers) this blog would see no traffic at all!

None of which, in your LakeCountyEye's estimation, should be reason to discontinue a perfectly good annual tradition. So to all readers of this blog, young and old, human and otherwise, best wishes for the holiday season ...
  • print("Merry Christmas")

  • Response.Write("Merry Christmas");

  • echo "Merry Christmas"

  • PRINT "Merry Christmas"

  • printf("Merry Christmas\n");

  • std::cout << "Merry Christmas\n";

  • Console.WriteLine("Merry Christmas");

  • ? "Merry Christmas"

  • (println "Merry Christmas")

  • WRITE(*,*) 'Merry Christmas'

  • System.out.println("Merry Christmas");

  • alert('Merry Christmas');

  • (princ "Merry Christmas")

  • WriteLn('Merry Christmas');

  • puts "Merry Christmas"

  • SELECT 'Merry Christmas'

  • MsgBox("Merry Christmas")

  • @echo Merry Christmas
And to those hacking in from North Korea ...
  • 메리 크리스마르

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