Saturday, December 13, 2014

Busy Work

no loose parts! At $8.25 an hour, anyone earning the minimum wage would have to work 500 hours per week to match the salary of the average Internet political blogger. Needless to say, the typical Lake County resident is quite busy, indeed. But not nearly as busy as the Mayor of Waukegan. According to the News-Sun ...
With the minimum wage debate raging across the country, state and Chicago area, Waukegan Mayor Wayne Motley said this week that he doesn't see a similar move taking shape in his community anytime soon. "I've been busier than a one-armed boxer trying to get the city back on track, and that hasn't even crossed my mind," Motley said on Wednesday, Dec. 3
Officials: Minimum-wage hike unlikely in Lake County
Never having worked in an warehouse, your LakeCountyEye does not know how busy a one-armed boxer is.  But if labor statistics are any indication, there are a few jobs in Lake County that will have you busier than even the eagerest of beavers. And not just a few -- 10 by your LakeCountyEye's count:
The Ten Busiest Occupations in Lake County
  1. Busier than a One-Legged Wallenda

  2. Busier than a One-Armed Bricklayer on a No-Bid Township Contract

  3. Busier than the Termite Inspector for the Goliath Roller Coaster

  4. Busier than a Grand Ave Red-Light Camera

  5. Busier than a Backyard Chicken on the Day Before Easter

  6. Busier than a Southlake Mosquito Abatement Truck in a Nudist Colony

  7. Busier than a One-Armed Bandit in Unincorporated Lake County

  8. Busier than a Blind Concealed Carry Certification Instructor

  9. Busier than the Shoeshine Booth at a Lake County Dog Park

  10. Busier than a County Board Chairman on the Route 53 Extension
Look for your LakeCountyEye gettin' busy near you.

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