Saturday, September 6, 2014

Upwardly Mobile

blogger formalwear Labor Day falls 2 months before the November election, and traditionally marks the start of the campaign season. To political operatives, Labor Day traditionally marks the start of next-job-seeking season, for many of the same reasons.

Political ops, marginally employable in the best of circumstances, are advised not to despair. That's because municipal elections are scheduled for April 2015 -- just around the corner after the real election on November 4th. In anticipation of this municipal election, trustees from the Village of Park City voted to give themselves a raise -- $7,200 -- up from $6,000. It is not too late to be a candidate on the Park City ballot!

Park City's Mayor told the News-Sun ...
the raise will help ensure the city council attracts higher caliber candidates while also retaining experienced members.
Park City Council votes to give itself a raise in 2015
Illinois State law does impose residency restrictions on city council candidates. Ops are asked to make up their own jokes here. Move along.

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