Saturday, August 9, 2014

The High Court

Watch out for that pothole! Job seekers take note, Lake County has a new growth industry: Medical Marijuana. But don't head to that garden shop for pots and a grow light -- it's not what you think. The growth industry is in medical marijuana Regulation. Now that vendors are free to dispense medical marijuana, Lake County is scrambling to pass tough new zoning laws:
Park City amends zoning law for medical marijuana, adult use

Buffalo Grove trustees send proposed marijuana store to zoning board

Buffalo Grove could get Lake County's first marijuana dispensary

Mundelein residents spar over medical marijuana

Highland Park wants to keep medical pot business low key
Lake County has been allocated three marijuana dispensary licenses, and these businesses can set up shop anywhere they like. And County villages cannot do anything about it, except legislate onerous zoning restrictions and regulations in the hope that the dispensaries will go someplace else.

That's right, Lake County is lawyering up. One unanimous village clerk told your LakeCountyEye that they are "desperately seeking legal talent that knows how to craft an iron-clad & loophole-free ordinance that will tell those marijuana dispensers in no uncertain terms just who is boss."  In other words, Lake County villages are looking for attorneys who are not afraid to look these free-market entrepreneurs in the eye -- and regulate them out of business. If you got the right stuff (and are licensed to practice law in Illinois) Lake County needs you.

What are you waiting for? Get rolling!

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