Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Night of the Illiana

Halloween is when the undead are released from their crypts to toll the living of Lake County. If you find yourself on the highway, take care to watch out for the undead in all of their forms: the vampires, the ghosts, the zombies, the Route 53 Extension.

Haha, with no further ado, the Illiana Expressway got a big boost last week from Lake County Chairman Aaron Lawlor.  According to the Daily Herald ...
Amid a split among suburban leaders, the controversial Illiana Expressway received a shot in the arm Thursday when a planning board endorsed the road, marking a significant political victory for Gov. Pat Quinn.
Planning board approves Illiana Expressway construction
Lawlor sits on that planning board that voted to give a green light to the Illiana Expressway. Up until then, Lawlor had been undecided. The Daily Herald reported only a week earlier that ...
Aaron Lawlor previously said he needed time to study the different analyses.
Illiana Expressway fails to get support from planning group
What was the reason for the sudden change of heart? A proposed map of the Illiana Expressway has been leaked to your LakeCountyEye:

Illiana Expressway plan
As operatives can plainly see, the proposed Illiana Expressway will end precisely where the Route 53 Extension is proposed to begin. In Lake County, between Crown Point and Lowell.


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