Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Shut Up & Shut Down

Did you know that Lake County Ex-Congressman Joe Walsh has awesome paranormal powers? Here is Walsh, in 2011, taking credit for shutting down the Federal government and torpedoing ObamaCare:

Joe Walsh calls for govt. shutdown
How spooky is that? Brrr!

Of course the government shutdown is ancient history now, and ObamaCare smolders atop the trashheap of history. Can Mr Nostradamus Ex-Congressman Joe Walsh predict if or when the Federal government will go into default on its debt obligations?

Operatives can find out for themselves. Walsh will be at a Downers Grove fundraiser this week:

Downers Grove Township Republican Organization 2013 Annual Reagan Day Dinner
Walsh is scheduled to appear along with Lake County's nominal Congressman, Peter Roskam. Your LakeCountyEye has been told that Walsh and Roskam will be doing their crowd-pleasing Carnac the Magnificent act.  This is your opportunity to ask Walsh if government default is fated to be the real deal this time, or just more smoke and mirrors!

The fundraiser is scheduled for Thursday, October 17, which happens to be the debt ceiling deadline -- the exact same day the United States of America risks defaulting on its debt obligations, sending the world economy into turmoil.

How spooky is that? Brrr!

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